The Luck of Finding a Second Original Log House

The following spring we broke ground for the new house on the lot adjacent to our present home. We spent the entire year preparing the site, building the foundation and floor.


Our log specialist suggested, half joking, that if I could find another local log cabin to tear down, that we could use the logs for the kitchen and bathroom that we intended to attach to the original log crib that we had. A friend or ours mentioned shortly after that she had childhood friends that lived in a log house that was only ½ mile from where I lived. When we searched we found that it was empty and still standing. The land was being developed into building lots. After a phone call I was able to get it for free, we just had to tear it down. In a couple more months we had the logs, which we moved on a rented flatbed truck, and all the materials moved to its new location. This house was an unusual size, 18’9” x 22’6” and dated to the 1780’s.

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